Book at your own risk. Their Terms & Condition – PAYMENT BEFORE STAY & NO REFUNDS should have been a clue. But as it was listed on Booking.com, I trusted that they wouldn’t put an unsafe or falsely advertised hotel up. Or would they?


Apparently not. And they should, why? Because people’s livelihoods and lives are at stake. As the money had been paid and there was no refund that was going to magically appear, I had to put up with drunks and drug addicts, and more than a few shady characters/guests during my three days/two nights at Empress Hotel [thorough review coming soon].

Empress Hotel New Orleans is considered a Tourist Trap by the three police officers that spoke to me on my second night. I had to talk with them regarding guests in the rooms opposite of mine, who refused to pay the additional $12 per guest (yes, turns out its THAT sort of “hotel”), one of them who had happened to drop their pants in front of me earlier in the night, in the hallway, while I was shifting rooms. The manager at that time had to yell and scream at him that it was not allowed, and then quickly rushed me into my room , but without telling met to lock my door and bar it with the provided chair and my luggage.

But more about that in a thorough review later. Teaser – Room 108 has the leaky bathroom ceiling right above the toilet seat, and if you happen to be on it while the guest above is taking a shower, you will find yourself in need of one right after.

Though Empress Hotel is listed on sites like Booking.com, where hotels apparently don’t actually get vetted for security or accuracy of room descriptions and/or status; neighbourhood police are quick to advise you to relocate to safer venues – as in my case.

Part of the reply from Booking.com regarding Empress Hotel & its listing.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.01.08 PM.png

I am currently in the process of getting in touch with guests who have left reviews on various sites. Mostly, trying to get in touch with guests who booked via Booking.com. See, I believe as a member of Booking.Com that they have an obligation and responsibility to their members. If anything had happened to me or anyone else, they should get part of the blame as they clearly do not vet their listings properly.

Booking.com emailed me saying that Empress Hotel New Orleans refused to give me a refund and that all rooms were renovated and new. Such Lies. I told them I didn’t want it. The whole point is to get that listing OFF Booking.com. I also advised Booking.com to have a LIVE PHONE CALL/Facetime/Skype with the hotel and for them to be shown rooms 108 and 110, and the condition these rooms are in.

The three policemen are looking into tourist traps such as Empress Hotel New Orleans and I hope that they’ll be able to do more than Booking.com is willing to do.

For REAL reviews & photos of Empress Hotel please visit TripAdvisor: Empress Hotel New Orleans

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