Having just traveled a total of 82 hours in this past month, two of the flights being long haul (over 33 hours one way), it’s safe to say that the travel pillows I brought to test out, where thoroughly tested.

Tested Travel Pillows:
1. TRTL Pillow
2. Organic Buckwheat Pillow
3. Senczo Travel Pillow
4. Foot Rest Pillow

TRTL’S Travel Pillow 

1. It’s Super Light & Thin
2. The  removable cover is washable
3. You can use it as the picture shows, or:
a. Place the ‘pillow’ at the back of your neck as you would a normal pillow when                     watching the movie on screen in front of you.
b. Rest your chin on in if your head tends to droop forward.

1. The weird shape can make it hard to pack it in your carry on.

Though I did support the creators of this amazing travel pillow, I have also bought knockoffs for family and friends, which turns out, have worked just the same.



Additional Travel Pillow Suggestion:
For long haul flights, invest in a floor pillow as it’ll save your pins from falling asleep and/or cramping up. Just be sure to pack a bag just to store it when not in use, as to not contaminate the rest of your items in your carry on.


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