Unpaid & Unapologetic

It’s been two months of work and no pay. So what’s a girl to do?

Well, I do have page ownership of all three of there facebook pages.

Well, up until an hour ago that is. Now I have total control.

You see, I was fine with the idea of everyone on those pages holding onto their admin status, as I trusted them to not muck up the agreement we had, which was until I get paid in full the pages would remain in my ‘safekeeping’. This was holding true up until some sleaze ball decided to try and undercut me and take over the ownership of all three pages.

What’s a girl to do? What is a girl to do? What would a woman do? Wait, what would these assholes do?

Downgrade their status’ to Editor (that’s being nice) of course!

I get that they had personal issues with women, but to undermine and undercut someone and their pay check; sorry but that will not fly with me.


February Update : I’ve been paid! Much needed Holiday, here I come!

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