“No, of course not. I’m never going to go back to them,” I said.
“You better not, or I’ll kill you myself!” said longtime friend and confidante Ann.
Though I had previously said no, tonight I found myself thinking that someday I might.

Like my mother always says, “better a devil you know than a devil you don’t”. But these people and the culture they had bred was not a measly “devil”, it was Satan himself.


image from axis71


Call it Stockholm Syndrome, call it self-mutilation, call it anything you want – but the truth of the matter is, that trauma this deep with stories this juicy, needs a platform.

So here’s to all the hard knocks I’ve learnt from my years dealing with this particular restaurant, current F&B trends and our customers, some (hopefully) helpful tips & tricks, internal scandals in and out of the kitchen and how bouncers are more often then not, are used for timing a wife’s departure for the arrival of a mistress.

All this and more after having worked at Malaysia’s most infamous rooftop bar, and what being at the top really means.

Puerta America, Madrid

image from societeperrier.com

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