10 Things to Pack for Your Next Long Haul Flight

We all love traveling, except for the handful of people who just simply put, just don’t. And as much as we love airports and the feeling when we just looked at an airplane in park … the idea of long haul flights does strike terror in all of us. Here are a couple of things you should pack to ease the arduous hours packed in a tin can with a couple of hundred people breathing the same air with you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 4.32.40 PM


Now, what constitutes a long haul flight? 6 – 12 hours. What should you bring?
The below 10 things at a minimum.

  1. Power Bank
    Because you’ll need it. Just be sure to bring along the necessary cables for your gadgets.
  2. A Pillow
    Be sure to invest in a good one. Everyone’s neck is different, and you might have to try/buy a few before you settle down with the ultimate travel pillow.
  3. Eye Mask 
    You’ll need it if you want to sleep and the person next to you just has to read another three hours into the flight.
  4. Ear Plugs
    You’ll need these to try and drown out the engines, as well as non-stop talkers on a red eye flight. Choosing to wear them or chuck them at whoever is talking non-stop is a choice. If you do intend to use them as hand thrown soft bullets, bring an entire bag full of them just in case.
  5. Jacket with a Hood
    Preferably one with lots of pockets so you don’t have to keep reaching for your bag in the overhead compartment. Yes, put all your bags up there so you have more leg space.
  6. Noise Canceling Head Phones
    To protect your ears and your neighbours. Too many times have I overhead the music/monologue/porn soundtrack from my neighbours headphones; volume raised to the skies as they were trying to drown out the sound of the engines. It’ll save your hearing for years to come and you won’t be the one disturbing your neighbours.
  7. Your Preferred Snacks 
    Because they won’t have it and you won’t feel bad for asking them for food when service is done; even though you clearly paid for it.
  8. Empty Water Bottle 
    Preferably the foldable type. It’ll save you space when you pack, and when you arrive at your destination, you’ll still have some water left incase you need it.
  9. Entertainment
    Name it, bring it, because you’ll need it. E.t.c Laptop, Ipad, Kindle, book of the month, bujo, sudoku book…
  10. Toiletries
    You Must Bring: Lip balm, moisturiser, sheet mask, toothbrush. The rest is up to you.

Which seats are best when having to travel long distance?

I want the window so I can see what’s going on! Well besides clouds and dark, empty night sky there really is nothing to see.

Well I want the window seat so I can have a wall to lean on and fall asleep comfortably. No chance, as it simply is not normal for us to fall asleep sitting up.

I hate the window seat because I have to inconvenience people every time I want to pee. Yes, you window seaters are horrible and should really invest in adult diapers.

Best seats in the house?

The Aisles!

Oh, and make that the seats all the way in the back – if you like your chances of surviving a crash to be better than not.

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