How can you tell when someone is trying to cover his ass in a group chat, and the 7 things you should do to remain gracious, but right.

Truly, how does one keep their head up when confronted with maniacal idiosyncrasies of a sexist masochistic individual in a work group chat?

Read On.

Backstory: He happens to be a colleague at a lower level then yourself, but you are (for work purposes) forced to play nice to get your plans moving forward.

Now ladies, this only works if it takes place in a group chat, and IF you were smart enough to ask for confirmation a few days/weeks ago. If however it was done in a private chat, then you are unfortunately not allowed (ethically) to use the information as ammunition.

How can you tell when someone is trying to cover his ass?

  1. He goes against every idea you try to implement.
  2. He gets so frustrated just from reading your group chat message that his auto reply is something obnoxious that he thinks will make you look stupid. (This however backfires and instead makes him look hella stupid, because he was the one who confirmed the mechanics of the idea to begin with)
  3. He agrees with everything else his colleagues throw out to show team spirit and unity. (Unknowing that the other colleagues have already preempted you on his behaviour and mindset)

10 Things you should do to remain gracious.

  1. Ask him in a confused but polite matter to what exactly is the matter. (Must be in the group chat, never private)
  2. Agree with him, profusely.
  3. Ask for what he’d recommend and implement it.
  4. Make the amendments.
  5. Send the amendments to the group chat for all to see.
  6. Follow very quickly by a screenshot his confirmation (from when he did agree) and forward it to the group.
  7. You’ve done your part now go and get a cup of coffee/tea/tequila shot and celebrate!

Part II Coming Soon

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